OUR Projects

Our projects are member-driven initiatives that aim to improve the Sacramento community. They are wide-ranging – from responding to disasters and combating poverty, to fighting climate change and building inclusive communities.


In partnership with Climate Reality, we implemented a water conservation project to save water during a historic drought. You can learn more here

Partner with local community based organizations to provide free water conservation resources 

Distribute Life is Water art grants to local creatives to highlight the importance of water in our community.

Work directly with the City of Sacramento's Water Conservation Team to share important information.

Conduct door-to-door campaigns targeting households with the highest indoor and outdoor water use in Sacramento.

Translate City of Sacramento water conservation materials into commonly spoken languages. 

Recruit a network of water conservation advocates better known as "water rangers"

Community outreach efforts at local parks and businesses to encourage residents to reduce water use

Support Life is Water Art Grant recipients and ensure their projects are completed successfully.

Community Service Projects

Local community service projects are at the heart of the work we do

8/27/2022 - Sacramento City Food Bank

Food distributed to over 375 families in Sacramento

9/22/2022 - World Relief Sacramento Donation Drive

An effort to support Ukrainian Refugees and their relocation

10/14/2022 - Project Birthday & Saint John's Program For Real Change

Every Month Project Birthday organizes a celebration for children staying at the Shelter

12/2022 - Adopt a family

A partnership with La Familia to spread cheer and support a family during the holidays

Climate Reality Training

The Climate Reality Project and former Vice President Al Gore have partnered with Global Shapers to mobilize young professionals and drive real action for climate solutions. In June 2022, Sacramento Shapers attended the 49th Climate Reality Leaderships Corps training for climate activists across the US Southwest in Las Vegas alongside other Global Shapers from North America.

Matthew, Luis, Adrian. and Erick represent the Sacramento Hub at the Climate Reality Training

Global Shapers from all around North America convene to discuss climate issues impacting our communities

Al Gore interviews regional climate and indigenous leaders

Many opportunities for networking and cross hub collaboration

Cross Hub Collaboration

Global Shapers is an international organization with opportunities to collaborate with hubs in other cities, states, and countries.

Ensenda Retreat

The Ensenada Hub hosted a "Californias retreat," inviting California and Baja Hubs to join for a weekend of networking and exposure to Ensenada's unique culture

Annual Curators Retreat in Geneva, SWITZERLAND

An incredible opportunity with over 500+ curators from hubs all around the world to convene and prepare for the year ahead

World Economic Forum Visit in SF

An opportunity for Sacramento Hub members to meet Oakland, Palo Alto, and San Francisco shapers at the World Economic Forum Centre for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Community Events

The Sacramento Hub hosts recruitment and young professional events to encourage continuous engagement and collaboration among young people in Sacramento.

10/19/2022 - A Community Conversation with Mayor Darrell Steinberg

 A young professional-focused community conversation with Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg. Topics covered included ways young people can better engage to address local issues like climate change, housing, and homelessness.

"Leadership comes in all forms within a community, you don't need a leadership title to have impact. Your impact comes from your head and heart. It is driven by your passion and compassion for others."

-Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg